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Deck The Rails for Hatch Watch- Nest Activity for Nov 19

Ozzie and Harriet shared a brief meeting on the nest this morning during their change of nest duty. Harriet flew off to the camera 2 tree. Ozzie took over his incubating of the nearly developed eggs. As the time nears for hatching both Ozzie and Harriet seem to be looking and listening for changes to occur. Both also have spent time digging and aerating the nest bowl as if they were making it deeper for their coming babies. 

Harriet brought another fresh pine bough today to the nest to add to her décor. It sounded as though the starlings were singing. “Deck the rails with boughs of fresh pine- Sque e e e e, e e e e.” Harriet spent the late afternoon at the pond and returned to the nest after sunset to continue her egg watch. Ozzie retired to the upper nest branch to continue his watch over them all.

Summary by dadsjazz

Togetherness (dragonlainey)
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Harriet brings pine and beautiful fly off superimposed. (urdognu)
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