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Decorating and Incubating- Nest Activity & Videos from Dec. 21

While all are on alert for signs of baby eaglets, Harriet was busy with her work incubating her precious eggs. She also displayed her nest keeping abilities by bringing some soft moss for the nest and her favorite décor, a sprig of fresh pine. The nest is very festive for the Holidays and the arrival of the baby eaglets.

Ozzie gave Harriet several breaks from incubating today. Harriet spent time at the pond and was spotted perched in some of her favorite trees in the area. Ozzie is always the protector, care taker and partner to his lovely Harriet and their tender cargo.

Summary by dadsjazz

Harriet brings more pine decorations.(screen capture by dadsjazz)
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Harriet gathering moss. (wskrsnwings)
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Harriet in the sunrise (wskrsnwings)
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Video by wskrsnwings

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