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Welcome to the World – Nest Summary for Dec. 23

Today was day 36 since Harriet laid her first egg. Harriet had been on nest duty for approximately 41 hours with small breaks in between. Did she know the big event of her baby eaglet was preparing to break into the world? Ozzie arrived on the nest in the morning and then again in the afternoon to give Harriet much need relief from her marathon of incubating.

As the world waited to see any sign of the egg movement or hatching, Harriet was very intent on keeping her precious eggs under cover. At 6:01 pm she got up to adjust the eggs and there was the first glimpse of the adorable eaglet’s wing waving to the world as it struggled to come out of its shell. The days of steady dedicated incubation of their precious eggs have produced the first of two new additions to Ozzie and Harriet’s family. All are in awe.

Summary/pic by dadsjazz

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