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Sweet Moments- Nest Activity, Videos and Photos from Dec 24

Harriet and Ozzie’s baby eaglet came into the world very strong. E3 as it is called was observed throughout the night wobbling under Mom Harriet’s tender care. First light allowed a beautiful view of the sweet little creature. Harriet seemed to be adjusting to the new arrival and at the same time still incubating their second precious egg.

Ozzie got his first glimpse of sweet E3 as he arrived to relieve Harriet for nest duty. Dad and baby eaglet shared a few intimate moments. Harriet brought a fish to the nest and Ozzie took it away to eat for himself, which seemed puzzling. With the use of cameras on nests today, some behaviors may be observed that may not have been seen before. As we well may see, nature’s instincts don’t always make sense to humans. With trust and faith we may see that all will be well for Harriet, Ozzie and family.

Summary by dadsjazz

First light look at baby, Mom and egg #2 (dadsjazz)
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Dad sees baby for the first time (urdognu)
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Video by urdognu

Video by dragonlainey

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