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A Family of 4- Nest Activity, Photos & Video for Dec 27

 SWFEC Daily Summary Friday, December 27, 2013

Family Ties

Dad, Ozzie and Mom, Harriet with new eaglets, E3 and E4 are settling into daily family life on the nest. Mom and Dad took turns brooding and feeding their sweet babies. The first few days were somewhat stressful but now all seems calm and bright. 

These last few days, Mom and Dad were observed sharing a few intimate moments thought to strengthen their bond and commitment to each other and their new babies. Mom was on hunting duty and brought a fish in the afternoon. When the sweet babies wiggled out and peeped for food, Mom and Dad took turns gently feeding them. E3 and E4 wrestled with each other in their reach for a bite of food. As the day ended, both were then sleeping peacefully under Moms loving care.

Summary by dadsjazz

Family Ties (urdognu)
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Mother and E’s (urdognu)
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Sleep in heavenly peace. (dadsjazz)
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Video by dragonlainey
Ozzie Feeds The Kids Fresh Fish

Video by urdognu
Both Chicks Get Fed

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