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It’s All About the E’s- Nest Activity, Photos & Videos for Dec 29

Sunday was definitely a day of rest for Harriet and Ozzie and the two little E’s. The early morning started out windy and soggy from the rains that moved in overnight. Harriet served well as “Mombrella” to keep the little E’s cozy and dry. After yesterday’s dramatic events the atmosphere was a little lighter but Mom and Dad took some sweeping flight around the area to be safe.

The sweet E’s had all their needs met today with plenty of food, play and sleep. Aggressive little E3 has its way with E4 at times. Smart younger little E4 manages to get right in there and grab its bites of food. The survival instinct is strong in the little E’s as they grow by leaps and bounds. At times it is hard to watch the wrangling between the little ones, but it is all for good in their growth and learning. Their cuteness overpowers any other behaviors they may have. Why even their little ps (poop shot) is adorable.

Summary by dadsjazz

“Mombrella” (dragonlainey)
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E4 grabs a bite. (urdognu)
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Mom and Dad Check on E’s (dragonlainey)
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Video by urdognu

Video by dragonlainey

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