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Fish for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner- Nest Notes for Dec 30

Morning arrived early for Mom and her two awake, hungry and growing baby eaglets, E3 and E4. Both watched Mom as she flew to the Camera 2 tree and seemed to be saying “Hey Mom what about breakfast?” E3 and E4 are growing steadily and quickly. Dad took over nest duties. Harriet arrived shortly with a very large fish. Feeding commenced and the two little E’s wrestled their way to the food offerings by Mom. On Harriet’s return flight to the nest with the large fish she was vocalizing all the way as Ozzie watched vocalizing, too. There may have been an intruder following after Harriet to steal her catch. Ozzie took to the air to defend his family, while Harriet fed and guarded the little E’s.

In the late morning and afternoon there were 3 more fish deliveries by Ozzie and Harriet and the fish pantry was well stocked. Mom and Dad were both on the nest for family dinner since food was plentiful today. The little E’s had full bellies but still scooted and wrestled their way to be fed. At one point, E4 who has been at the receiving of the scuffles between the two was seen giving a jab or two to older, larger E3. It’s all about survival and these two are learning their lessons well. Mom fed the sweet babies a night time snack hopefully they will sleep through the night.

Summary by dadsjazz

Cute little E wings. (urdognu)
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E4 on the offense. (urdognu)
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Family dinner on the nest. urdongu)
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Video by urdognu

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