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Little E’s Big Adventure- Nest Notes, Videos & Photos for Jan 1

The New Year, 2014, came in with very loud bang. Harriet looked very disturbed and Ozzie was on the nest at her side in an instant. It appeared that the fireworks of the celebrations in the area were bothering them. Ozzie and Harriet became more on guard, vocalized often and focused in the nest tree for several hours after the noise subsided. Additional thoughts were that an owl was perched in the nest tree. Upon later review it was found that another eagle was perched on a branch higher in the nest tree. The baby E’s were never in danger since Mom and Dad were both in the protect mode. As the early morning went on, all settled down even though the visitor was perched in the nest tree until Ozzie drove it away at first light. 

After a very late and stressful overnight both little E’s were focused on their growing need for food. Mom and Dad provided regular feeding to the quickly developing babies. Being only 8 days old, curious and determined little E3 managed to climb out of the nest bowl and stretched his cute little body to try for a peek beyond the nest rails. E3 was very interested in the fish that were lying around the nest and was seen using one for a pillow for its afternoon snooze. It was an adorable sight and a proud moment to see E3 on its adventure. The New Year brings new discoveries and lessons in the life of Ozzie and Harriet and their sweet little E’s

Summary by dadsjazz

Screen captures by urdognu

Midnight Warning 
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E3’s first peek at the world.
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E3’s fish pillow
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Video by urdognu

Video by dragonlainey

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