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Easy Breezy- Nest Notes, Photos & Videos for Jan. 2

 It was a breezy day at the nest today. Not only were little E3 and E4 competing for their turn to eat but Mom and Dad were in a competition to see who could bring the most and biggest catches to the nest. Harriet flew in with a really large fish to win the biggest catch category. Meal time has been plentiful for all today. The starlings were perched in the nest tree to watch all the action and cheer on the Eagle Family.

Growing stronger each day, little E3 and E4 were both on the move and as they wrestled for position in the food line, they climbed out of the nest bowl. Smaller and younger E4 who is usually patiently waiting its feeding turn, went on the offense and got fed first a few times. In their rush to Mom and Dad’s food deliveries, E4 tackled E3 and sent E4 tumbling back into the nest bowl. The last feeding was shared by the whole family. Rain moved into the area and Mom kept her sweet little E’s covered and safe.  Everyone was a winner today in the Eagle Bowl.

Summary by dadsjazz

Food deliveries are plentiful. (dragonlainey)
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E4 tackles E3 (urdognu)
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Ozzie fly off after food delivery.  (wskrsnwings)
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Video by Dee Kelly
Rock-em,Sock em Eaglets…and Fish for Breakfast

Video by urdognu
Ins, Outs, Delivery & Chow
E4 Sends E3 To The Bowl & Food Galore

Video by dragonlainey
E3 Feeds First, E4 Second, Both Well Fed, Cute Yawn, Stretch
A Feast Kind Of Day and Fly Off Sideways Day
Looks like a flathead of some kind, check out the mouth
Time Lapse ~ Through Ozzie & Harriet’s Eyes and Rain Shower

Ground Video by wskrsnwings
Harriet Is Home This Afternoon
A Different Nest Perspective
Ozzie_Provider And Protector

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