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Soggy Little E’s- Nest Notes, Photos & Videos for Jan. 4

The cool rains continued today. Ozzie and Harriet did their best to keep the little E’s from the elements. Eagle instincts may have given them the clue that the weather may be turning cooler still. Ozzie brought grasses in to shore up the nest bowl since the strong and growing E’s have been in and out causing the bowl to somewhat flatten.

Mom and Dad fed the little E’s any of the leftovers at the nest. Ozzie and Harriet both took turns on and off the nest for hunting. Mom finally arrived with a mystery meal. Little E3 seemed so excited to see a food delivery, it almost hopped up to meet Mom. The battle between the E’s for first to eat began and it looked as if Dad intervened on E4’s behalf. Both little E’s got fed before bed time and were safely tucked in under Mom for another soggy night. Good night Eagle Family.

Summary by dadsjazz

Screen captures by dadsjazz

Ozzie brings grass for the nest.
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Mom delivers a mystery meal.
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Tucked in for the night.
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Video by Dee Kelly

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