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Wings & Things: Nest Notes, Videos & Photos for Jan. 5

Warmer drier weather arrived overnight and Mom gave the sweet little E’s an early breakfast. Their hunger and need to be fed is growing along with them. Ozzie delivered what looked to be a wing from another bird which may have been from a road kill. We have observed many types of food brought to the nest, some recognizable and some not. There’s not much that is edible being wasted in their territory and the sweet little E’s get a nice variety of meals. Their wrestling matches at meal time seem to be happening more and more but younger E4 gets its share to eat.

Mom quickly rose to the defense of her baby E’s when an intruder almost flew into the nest seeming to snatch a fish that lying was on the edge. She mantled them with her full wing span for their protection. All became calmer and the E’s got their feedings from both Mom and Dad. Little E’s are either in a battle for food or are in a cozy pile sleeping together. Bigger E3 was observed with its little wing on E4’s back, it was cuteness overload. Ozzie brought more grass to the nest, and later a fish which Harriet let him have for his dinner. Mom and Dad had a busy day feeding and defending their precious babies. 

Summary by dadsjazz

Screen captures by urdognu:

E3 and E4 best buddies.
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Dad feeds E3.
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Mom protects E’s from intruder.
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Video by Dee Kelly

Video by urdognu

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