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Playing Possum- Nest Notes, Photos & Videos for Jan. 6

Mom, Dad and the little E’s were active early this foggy morning. Ozzie was off flying toward the river looking for a fresh catch while Harriet began serving breakfast to the hungry and peeping E’s. Mom and Dad both brought prey back to the nest and may be stocking up for the coming cold weather. Harriet brought an opossum carcass and Ozzie brought a mystery meal. Both little E’s were well fed throughout the day with long naps in between meals. They are getting strong and adventurous in their travels around the nest rails.

In the early afternoon, Harriet had a long bath at the pond and spent a while drying off in one of her favorite perch trees. Ozzie flew on and off the nest a few times and seemed to be watching the skies overhead as there have been intruders in the area lately. Harriet was in flight to the nest with an intruded chasing behind her. Ozzie took to the sky to defend his family. As the wind and colder temperatures arrived the Family had an evening dinner on the nest with Mom and Dad each feeding the sweet little E’s. Mom provided a warm cozy shelter for her precious babies.

Summary by dadsjazz

Screen caps by urdognu

E’s on the move
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Harriet dries off after her bath
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Family Dinner Time
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Video by Dee Kelly
5:30 am Crop drop and Nipping at Mom’s Wing

Video by urdognu
Crop Drop, Poop Shot, Wing Flap, Food Drop
Ya Snooze, Ya ‘Looze’ – Ozzie Feeds E4
Harriet Deserves This Splashing Bath After Her Successful Hunt
Close Encounter With An Intruder That Follows Harriet Home
Opossom vs E3
The Family Feast ~ Everyone Has A Full Crop

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