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It Takes Two- Nest Notes, Videos & Photos for Jan 10

Ozzie and Harriet have had great success hunting and fishing lately. It takes the two of them working together to feed their hungry and rapidly growing family. Ozzie brought a fresh fish early and he and Harriet had family breakfast with E3 and E4. The strong little E’s were busy roaming around the nest, getting closer to the rails than Mom liked. She quickly moved a branch to block the curious little E’s path. Both E’s are growing so much they could be seen from the ground and the cam 2 view being fed by Mom. There were several family feedings today.

Ozzie and Harriet both delivered more fish and prey including a squirrel to the nest through the day. They also both brought sticks to build up the rails. Ozzie found grass for the nest bowl. Ozzie and Harriet had taken to the air to drive off an intruder in the afternoon. After sunset a rain and wind storm came up suddenly and Ozzie arrived at the nest to help Harriet keep the little E’s safe and dry. He stayed with his family until the storm had passed and moved to a branch nearby. Ozzie and Harriet are a wonderful pair of dedicated Eagle parents.

Summary by dadsjazz

First peek at the E’s from Cam 2 (urdognu)
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First view of the E’s from the ground. (wskrsnwings)
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Mom and Dad shelter the E’s (urdognu)
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Video by Dee Kelly

Video by urdognu

Ground Videos by wskrsnwings

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