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A Peaceful Sunday- Nest Notes, Photos & Videos for Jan 12.

Harriet and Ozzie shared a few intimate moments this Sunday morning as they continue to strengthen their bond to each other. They also share in their dedication to their young E’s who are growing stronger day by day. Ozzie and Harriet work together to keep up nest renovations as each brought materials today. The “crib” rails are getting a bit higher as the nest bowl is seeming to disappear from E3 and E4 scooting around the nest with their little awkward waddle. 

Mom provided shade for the sweet napping E’s in the warm and peaceful afternoon. Dad delivered several fish to the nest and the E’s had numerous feedings. Both E3 and E4 were stuffed to the point of falling over. The evening was again family dinner time on the nest. As the sun set, Mom kept a watchful eye over her well nourished sleeping precious babies.

Summary by dadsjazz

E4’s bulging crop (urdognu)
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Mom shades the sleeping E’s (dadsjazz)
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Dinner at the nest (dadsjazz)
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Video by Dee Kelly

Video by urdognu

Usually sibling rivalry is in the beginning, first couple of weeks. 
Even when food is abundant, it isn’t uncommon to see some sibling rivalry – lessons learned which will help them cope when they are on their own. 
There is an abundance of food at this nest and we are still seeing sibling rivalry which is normal and is a common occurrence.
E4 is strong and healthy and what you are seeing is the dominant chick reinforcing the pecking order and not inflicting physical harm to E4…
As they get older, sibling rivalry will lessen, which will be soon.
There are no bullies, just eaglets trying to survive.
A reminder that we are observers to their world and humanizing diminishes their value. Eagles live day to day with harsh realities that are completely normal to them. 
Survival of the fittest isn’t a catch phrase in their world, but necessary to continue their species.

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