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Hope – Nest Notes, Photos & Videos for Jan 17

On the coldest South West Florida morning of the year the Eagle Family was awake and stirring ready to get on with their day. The E’s were peeping for their breakfast. Ozzie and Harriet spent the day taking turns hunting, visiting the nest and watching the skies. The E’s waited patiently for food and napped for most of the day. E3 had the major share of any food offerings. E4 has been submissive from larger and more overpowering E3.

Ozzie arrived with a fresh caught fish to the excitement of the E’s but it was not offered to either. Frustration and confusion were building as those who love and watch this Eagle family saw E4 grow weaker and not be fed by the parents. Just as it seemed all hope could be gone, tenacious little E4 mustered up all the energy left in its small, weary body and aggressively went after a food offering by Mom. In that instant the survival instinct became apparent and E4 had Harriet’s full attention and large share of the meal. The food shortage is not over but hope prevails. Mom and the E’s were calmly nestled together for a good night’s sleep.

Summary by dadsjazz

E3- “I’m Bigger than you, E4” (urdognu)
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Ozzie delivers a fish (urdognu)
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Little E4 makes a statement- I’m still here! (dadsjazz)
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Video by Dee Kelly

Video by urdognu

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