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All in the Family- Nest Notes, Photos & Videos for Jan. 18

All in the Family Day

The day on the Eagle’s nest began with cool crisp morning air as Harriet and Ozzie were busy with their chores. They checked on the E’s, took inventory of the pantry, delivered sticks and moss for the nest and took turns in the hunt for the day’s meals. Fishing has improved and both Ozzie and Harriet had success bringing their catches to their hungry baby E’s. There have been some tense moments between the E’s in their competition for food. Even though E3 has dominated the smaller nest mate, E4 has become very determined to get its share of the food. Both had very good feedings through the day. E4 is making great strides in learning how to survive. 

The day saw each member of this Eagle family persevere through their difficulties. The lesson may have been to follow their instincts by working with what nature has given them, not giving up in their fight to survive. They all shared in the dinner feast on the nest. Both E’s were stuffed and sleeping well under the warmth of Mom and always watchful eyes of Dad.

Summary by dadsjazz
Screen captures by urdognu

Harriet delivers a fish 
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E3 and E4 peeking over the edge.
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“I’ll catch up eventually”
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Video by urdognu

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