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The Day of Rest- Nest Notes, Photos & Video for Jan. 19

The atmosphere on the South West Florida Eagle nest was one of peace and rest. After a trying week, Ozzie and Harriet had great success in their hunting to satisfy the growing appetites of E3 and E4. Smaller, younger E4 almost ate a whole fish in a private feeding by Mom and may soon be catching up to larger sibling E3.

Ozzie delivered several fish to the nest today. Harriet and Ozzie brought branches, moss and a pinecone with greenery. They worked on building up the nest rails, did some aerating and tidying up of the nest. E3 and E4 spent the lazy day doing what curious, growing E’s do. They rested, ate and rested some more. E4 enjoyed looking over the edge at the happenings out in the world. Both E’s are looking stronger and stronger as the days pass. E4 is a resilient little E whose patience and courage have had great rewards. Mom and Dad could rest a little better as another day came to a close.

Summary by dadsjazz

Screen Captures by dadsjazz

E4- I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.
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Ozzie delivers a fish,
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E4 poses for a photo shoot.
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Video by Dee Kelly
AM bob and weave lol E4
AM Fish All for E4
4:03 pm SWFLEC E4 ’s first Pellet?

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