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Peace and Harmony- Nest Notes, Photos & Videos for Jan 26

All seems to be going in a good direction for Ozzie, Harriet, E3, E4 and all who love this Eagle Family. The early morning began with the E’s awake. Ozzie and Harriet took turns in their search for the catch of the day to bring back to the patiently waiting E’s. Today the growing E’s were interested in moving sticks and materials around and exploring the nest. Harriet brought a large catfish to the nest for the first meal and both E’s were well fed. E 4 later pecked at a fish and gobbled down some large pieces it found on its own.

The feedings were more peaceful as E4 moved out of the way and waited to let E3 have the first bites. Mom and Dad fed both E’s together, Mom fed E4 and Dad fed E3. The food has been very plentiful the last few days possibly giving the E’s more security that they will be fed. The fish deliveries kept coming through the day and the E’s could not have stuffed in another bite. As the day came to an end, they were very ready to sleep and grow as Mom and Dad were close by to keep watch

Summary by dadsjazz

Screen Captures by dadsjazz

Harriet arrives with a huge catfish.
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E3 and E4- Team work
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Tandem feeding
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Video by Dee Kelly

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