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Special Moments- Nest Notes, Photos & Videos for Jan 27

Harriet and Ozzie have had great success with very fresh fish deliveries.The fish were so fresh that several were still flopping in the nest. Maybe Mom and Dad are teaching E3 and E4 to associate the live prey as the food they will eventually be hunting for themselves. Growing strong and learning is on the E’s schedule for the days ahead. Mom and Dad shared special moments with the E’s today. E3 and E4 had good feedings and were very calm and cooperative during mealtime. 

Ozzie drove off a possible juvenile eagle in the area. A curious red tailed hawk flew by the nest but Harriet was not alarmed. Mom stayed very close to her E’s and stood in the nest for a good part of the day. Dad shared a special moment when he laid in nest as the E’s took their afternoon nap. All seemed very content and safe as the sun set marked the ending of another day for Ozzie, Harriet and their precious E’s.

Summary by dadsjazz

Mom shares a moment with E4 (urdognu)
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Dad lays in the nest with the E’s (dadsjazz)
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Mom and E3 on watch (dadsjazz)
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Video by Dee Kelly

Video by urdognu

Ground video by wskrsnwings

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