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Rain, Rain Go Away! Nest Notes, Photos & Videos for Jan 30

Rain, Rain Go Away

E3 and E4 got a good dose of the steady rain that has been falling for the last day. Nature provides what nature needs but little E’s may have been very tired of all this wetness. Mom and Dad did their best to shield E3 and E4 from the elements but their growing bodies were not so easy to cover. Ozzie and Harriet were also on guard duty as a possible intruder flew by the nest in the afternoon.

The rain put a great damper on the nest activity. Mom and Dad delivered fresh fish and the E’s had good feedings today. E3 and E4 tried their best to stay warm and dry and even huddled together with each other. They got a break from the rain but seemed worn out and sleepy on this lazy rainy day.

Summary by dadsjazz

Soggy E’s and a fish delivery (dadsjazz)
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E3 and E4 huddling up to stay warm (dadsjazz)
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E3 and E4 having a break from the rain (urdognu)
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Video by Dee kelly

Video by urdognu

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