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Staying Positive- Nest Notes, Photos & Videos for Feb 3

Ozzie, Harriet and sweet E4 appeared to tread very carefully and mindfully of E3’s still little body as it lay in the center of the nest. In Ozzie and Harriet’s world reality seems simple. They may mourn their loss in whatever way Eagles do but their instinct proves they must carry out their obligation to care for E4 and each other. Mom and Dad brought fish and prey to hungry E4 who greeted their arrivals eagerly with very vocal chattering. E4 has learned lessons very well, stepping up aggressively for the feedings and managing to mantle Dad’s food delivery. 

Ozzie tried to move E3’s body to the side of the nest and E4 still nestled next to E3. Mom placed grasses on E3’s body and later tried to move E3 again. These behaviors are difficult to observe. We see though human eyes with human emotions. Eagles may view life differently through their instinct which is doing what they must do to survive. Their acceptance of the passing on of E3 is sad but interesting and admirable. Sending positive energy to Ozzie, Harriet and precious E4 as they strive to live and flourish.

Summary by dadsjazz

Mom places grasses on E3 (mia)
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E4- “See my big wings” (urdognu)
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E4 grabs and mantles Dad’s delivery (urdognu)
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Video by urdognu

Video by Dee Kelly

Ground video by wskrsnwings

Video by Desiree Deliz

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