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Learning Lessons- Nest Notes, Photos & Videos for Feb 12

Early morning vocals were heard from Ozzie and Harriet and E4 was awake and waiting for food deliveries to begin. The nest was again filled with plentiful fish catches. E4 had a very full crop and slept off the effects from all the fresh fish. Ozzie and Harriet moved sticks and aerated the nest bowl. E4 is catching on quickly how to share in the chores and moved some things around in the nest too. E4’s beautiful wings are getting more and more exercise each day and balance and strength are increasing. 

Mom and Dad were on the nest to tuck their big little E4 in and say goodnight to each other after dark. A thunder storm moved into the area and Mom stepped back to the nest to check on E4. Mom sheltered E4 who could barely fit underneath her. Ozzie and Harriet are dedicated in their care for the survival of E4.

Summary by dadsjazz

Anyone up there? (urdognu)
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Incoming Fish! (urdognu)
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Goodnight Kiss (urdognu)
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Video By urdognu

Video by Dee Kelly

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