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Wind & Wings- Nest Notes, Photos & Videos

It was going to be a windy day at the nest. E4 was up early with a full crop from yesterday’s large catfish dinner. Ozzie and Harriet began their morning with housekeeping duties, cleaning up the leftovers in the nest, eating some and feeding some to E4. Mom and Dad stopped in the nest for short visits and took turns on watch in the nest tree branches

The gusts of wind may have caused E4 to lay low most of the day. There were several times when E4 was “wingersizing” and catching air. E4’s pin feathers are growing in nicely. E4 has the cutest tail feathers emerging too. Ozzie finally dropped in with his fresh catch, a still flopping fish. E4 was elated to see food arrive and immediately went into mantle mode. E4’s skills are improving greatly each day. Mom landed on the nest quickly and took over feeding E4 and herself. E4 loves the attention when both parents are on the nest. Ozzie and Harriet spent the evening together perched on the nest tree branch watching the sunset and listening to precious E4 vocalizing.

Summary by dadsjazz

E4’s wing feathers are emerging beautifully. (dadsjazz)
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Ozzie delivers a fresh flopping fish. (dadsjazz)
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Family time on the nest. (dadsjazz)
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Video by Dee Kelly

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