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Dedication and Determination- Nest Notes, Photos & Video – Feb. 16

Ozzie was on the job early bringing in fresh grass for the nest. E4 spent the morning preening all the new feathers that are quickly coming in. Mom and Dad began the hunt for food for themselves and growing E4. Ozzie was seen by ground observers catching and de-feathering a water bird near the pond. He made several attempts over the next few hours to bring the catch to the nest but was not successful because of the weight of the bird. Ozzie’s determination and dedication to provide for his family drove him to make it to the nest with the prey. Harriet had just arrived with a fresh fish and E4 seemed amazed at the double food delivery. 

Harriet vocalized alert when she saw an intruder flying high above the nest. Mom and Dad took to the skies to protect their territory from another adult eagle. E4 had many meals as a result of Ozzie and Harriet’s catches today. E4 is becoming stronger and standing tall in the nest looking over the pasture and the all the activity below. Mom and Dad took turns feeding on “nestovers” as content and full E4 looked on. E4 was very ready to sleep as the day ended with Mom and Dad perched close by.

Summary by dadsjazz

E4 displays beautiful wings, (Mary F aka Purple)
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E4 standing tall (dadsjazz)
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Mom and Dad both deliver to E4’s amazement. (dadsjazz)
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Video by Dee Kelly

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