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Learning Lessons for E4- Nest Notes, Photos & Video for Feb 19

Early morning vocals were heard from Ozzie and Harriet as they perched together on the outer branch of the nest tree. E4 was already searching through the nest for bits of leftovers. Ozzie headed out for the morning hunt and arrived with a fresh fish and E4 rushed to mantle the food and grab for a share of the meal. E4 is perfecting stealing and feeding skills. E4 is very alert to activity especially Mom and Dad’s flights into the nest. E4 even mantled Mom’s grass delivery. 

E4 did a great job self feeding today but still seems to enjoy the time spent with Mom or Dad doing the feeding. Mom and Dad were at the nest for most of the deliveries today and ate their share of the catches along with feeding E4. E4 is continuing with lessons on nest building by moving larger sticks to the nest railing. Ozzie and Harriet are teaching E4 all the important lessons and E4 is learning well. As the sun lowered in the sky E4 did some “wingersizing” showing off an impressive wingspan. 

Summary by dadsjazz

E4 building railing. (urdognu)
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Mom feeds E4 as Dad delivers another fish. (dadsjazz)
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E4’s Mighty Wingspan
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Video by Dee Kelly

Video by urdognu

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