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Changing Day by Day- Nest Notes, Videos & Photos for Feb 20.

E4’s appearance is changing with each new day. It is hard to believe that on Christmas Day, 57 days ago, E4 came into the world as a tiny chick and is growing into a strong eaglet. E4 spent the day preening all the beautiful emerging feathers including a sweet little ruffled tail. E4’s body is nearly the same size as Mom and Dad. Instinct and observing Mom and Dad tearing food are helping E4 progress with self feeding.

Ozzie delivered a fresh fish early and then proceeded to bring small UFOs or unidentified food objects to the nest. Maybe the smaller prey is easier for E4 to grasp and tear apart. It also seems that Ozzie and Harriet are eating many of the leftovers on the nest. This may encourage E4 to become more aggressive at feeding time. E4 is becoming more daring standing and balancing on the nest rails. There was a lot of “wingersizing” in the breeze allowing E4 to catch some air while hopping across the nest. E4 seemed proud to show Mom nest building skills too. Mom was on the nest to feed on the “nestovers” from the day which she then shared with E4 as the daylight ended.

Summary by dadsjazz

E4 strikes the same pose as Dad upon delivery of food. (urdognu)
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E4 Checking out the UFOs (dadsjazz)
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Mom and E4 are nearly the same size. (dadsjazz)
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Video by Dee Kelly

Video by urdognu

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