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E4’s Fish Tail- Nest Notes, Photos & Videos for Feb 22

The morning started out foggy but E4 was up and “wingersizing” early. Mom was vocalizing from the Cam 2 tree and Dad flew off into the fog. E4 was anxiously waiting for a food delivery squeeing and looking for morsels of leftovers in the nest. E4 is looking very grown up these days with changes happening everyday. Dad finally delivered a fish to the nest which E4 quickly lunged for and mantled. Dad had to move his foot out of the way of E4’s grab. It seems that Dad was not feeding E4 immediately almost waiting and watching for E4 to try to self feed.

Today in the nest, E4’s had food but Mom and Dad looked to be holding off feeding. E4 had a good hold of the fish tail and was carrying it around the nest, working on eating it. Mom arrived to help E4 who got in a tug of war over the fish tail. E4 tried to swallow the whole tail without success. Harriet got the tail away from E4 since that is her favorite part of the fish too. E4 played with a pine cone in the nest and later settled in for the night.

Summary by dadsjazz

E4- Hellooooo everyone! (dadsjazz)
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Dad delivers, E4 mantles and grabs at his foot. (dadsjazz)
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E4 and a fish tail. (dadsjazz)
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5:40 pm 1 parent left the cam 2 for the river and 1 landed on the attic branch at 5:42 pm.

Video by Dee Kelly

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