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E4 Eating & Eating- Nest Notes, Photos & Videos for Feb 24

It was a beautiful sunrise and E4 greeted the morning with stretching and wing exercises. Throughout the day the meal deliveries seemed to be puzzling to E4. Mom and Dad may be teaching E4 different items that will be food in the wild. Ozzie arrived with another fish head. E4 being quite expressive, looked around as if to say “This thing again”. Later Mom brought what looked to be a bird wing. E4 was looking up at Mom for an explanation of what to do with it. Eventually E4 got the idea that the feathery thing needed to be de-feathered. There were very good lessons for E4 today. Mom and Dad both spent time soaring in the warm afternoon skies and were spotted at the pond.

E4’s mantling and grabbing abilities are getting so good that neither parent stays on the nest very long at meal deliveries unless they want to lose a few talons. Food drops may soon start from the air above the nest. E4 is strong and better coordinated with self feeding. Ozzie flew in with a huge catfish which he dropped in the nest and quickly flew off with talons intact. The catfish was almost as big as E4 who worked and worked to self feed. E4 finally chattered to Mom to come and help. All of the family was having dinner on the nest eating all the “nestovers”. E4 looked thrilled to be fed by both Mom and Dad. E4 was very full and tired after a long day of eating and learning. 

Summary by dadsjazz

E4’s impressive mantle of Dad’s food delivery (urdognu)
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“Mom I need help with this” (from video by urdognu)
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Tandem feeding (dadsjazz)
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Video by Dee Kelly

Video by urdognu

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

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