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Sticks & More Sticks- Nest Notes, Photos & Videos for Feb 27

The nest was looking more like an obstacle course as Harriet continued bringing large branches to the nest and Ozzie arrived to help her place them. Having Mom, Dad and E4 on the nest seemed a bit crowded. E4 is learning to navigate around all the things in the nest. E4 managed to fly hop across the nest getting good air under beautifully growing wings. E4 rearranged sticks, carried fish around the nest and had several good self feedings. Mom and Dad still help E4 at meal time. 

E4 spent time napping, sprawled out comfortably among the branches around the nest. Harriet flew in with a small fish which was promptly mantled and taken by E4. Mom and E4 had a tug back and forth over the fish. Mom won the battle and E4’s reward was being fed by Mom. As the evening approached the rains started. Harriet stood with E4 for a while but then went back up to the veranda. E4’s constant chattering must have convinced Mom to come back to the nest to give E4 a little shelter. Given E4’s size now, it was very little shelter from the rain.

Summary by dadsjazz

Dad and E4 watching Mom’s arrival. (video/urdognu)
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Another of Harriet’s stick deliveries. (urdognu)
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E4 and Mom’s tug-o-fish. (dadsjazz)
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Video by Dee Kelly

Video by urdognu

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