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All You Can Eat Fish- Nest Notes, Photos & Videos for March 1

It was a clear and beautiful start to the morning. E4 was awake and doing the usual stretching and looking for morsels in the nest to snack on. Mom was already out on the hunt and returned with a fresh fish to start the day. This was the first of two fish deliveries by Harriet and then two more fish were brought by Ozzie. Harriet also managed to do some aerating after her arrival with a stick for the rails. E4 pitched in to help Mom with some housekeeping. E4 spent the warm day preening, surveying the surroundings, napping, “wingersizing” and eating. Life is good on the Eagle nest.

Mom and Dad spent more time in the nest with E4 today dining on the abundance of fish catches. Both removed some older “nestovers” to make room for the new groceries. E4 always seems to love having Mom and Dad’s company on the nest and chattered away voicing approval. There may have been intruders in the area and Mom and Dad voiced their warning. E4’s growth, survival and protection are the sole concerns of wonderfully dedicated parents, Ozzie and Harriet

Summary by dadsjazz

Ozzie delivers another fish. (Mia)
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Mom and E4 watch as Dad departs the attic. (dadsjazz)
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Ozzie and Harriet on alert. (dadsjazz)
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Video by Dee Kelly
Fish # 3 delivered & #2 fish gets eaten also
1 Fish ,1 stick and a whole lot of Flapping

Video by Mia
1.39 PM Ozzie delivers a fish and feeds E4

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