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Snack Time! Nest Notes, Photos & Videos for Feb 28

Harriet perched close by through the rainy overnight and checked on E4 several times. Morning came and a sunny day was underway for E4’s Eagle training. Mom’s early delivery was of the feathered variety. E4 tried waiting on the de-feathering process but grew hungrier and joined Mom with meal preparation. Some of Ozzie’s catches for the day came with fur and one with a foil wrapper of some kind. E4 was interested in the shinny object then decided it was not edible E4 quickly discarded the paper for a “nestover” snack. E4 lunged with flapping wings at a little starling bird on a close branch. Maybe E4 was protecting the nest. E4 is learning new skills each day with Mom and Dad’s encouragement and guidance.

The family was together in the afternoon and again in the evening. E4 looked brilliant and grown up with wings outstretched in the glow from the setting sun. Although E4’s crop looked well packed, Dad and Mom’s offering of an evening snack was welcomed and enjoyed. E4 needed well deserved sleep after the busy day in a growing eaglet’s life.

Summary by dadsjazz

Breakfast with feathers. (dadsjazz)
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E4 looking brilliant in the sunset. (dadsjazz)
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Family evening snack time. (dadsjazz)
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Video by Dee Kelly

Video by urdognu

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