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Leaps and Bounds- Nest Notes, Photos & Videos for March 5

E4 is not only growing by leaps and bounds but is also performing leaps and bounds in the nest. E4 is becoming more agile and coordinated with fly hopping from one side of the nest to the other. Prey was delivered by Dad and Mom in the morning. Meal deliveries are often a mystery and come wrapped in packages at times. Maybe the lesson for E4 is to learn that food comes in many different varieties. Dad and E4 ate together side by side in the nest. E4 is looking so grown up and is almost larger than Ozzie.

Mom spent time feeding and bonding with E4 of the afternoon. She perched on “porch” branch, the closest branch to the nest, possibly trying to coax E4 to give the short hop to the branch a try. E4’s eagle eyes are very curious watching Mom and Dad fly to and from the nest and gaining the courage to join them in flight soon. Ozzie and Harriet are doing a wonderful job teaching E4 all the skills needed to become a majestic Eagle one day.

Summary by dadsjazz

Dad and E4 eating side by side. (video/urdognu)
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Ozzie delivers take out in a blue bag. (urdognu)
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Mom and E4 bonding. (urdognu)
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Video by urdognu

Ground video by wskrsnwings 

Video by Dee Kelly

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