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Mom and Dad Encourage E4- Nest Notes, Photos & Videos for March 11

E4 had a quiet and restful morning. Ozzie arrived with his fresh catch and began eating and sharing with E4. Soon Harriet arrived to take over food management. It appears that Mom and Dad are trying to encourage E4 more to steal food. E4 did some nest clean up, moved a few sticks and found some tasty tidbits in the nest. There was also a lot of wing action when the breezes picked up.

Ozzie perched on the porch branch to the side of the nest tree for a while in the afternoon. For a few minutes it looked as if E4 was going to take the leap to the branch with Dad. There was more encouragement by Mom and Dad as the fish deliveries came throughout the day. E4 managed to wrangle a fish tail from Mom which was an accomplishment since Harriet loves to gulp down the fish tail. E4 also was able to place a talon or two and balance for a few seconds on a small knob on a branch. E4 is getting one step closer to fully branching.

Summary by dadsjazz

Beautiful mantle by E4. (Mia)
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E4 catching air (wskrsnwings)
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E4 with a talon on the branch knob. (video/wskrsnwings)
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Ground video by wskrsnwings

Video by Dee Kelly

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