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E4 Fledge Day? – Nest Notes, Photos & Videos for March 19

E4 was sleeping like a big eagle standing in the nest with head tucked under a wing. Ozzie and Harriet departed the nest tree early to begin their hunt for the day’s meals. The morning was cooler and overcast. E4 was well rested for morning exercises of wing flapping and fly hopping around the nest. E4 even landed with one foot on the veranda branch for a moment. 

There were a several small food deliveries which E4 quickly grabbed and gulped down. Ozzie landed with a catch that needed de-furred but E4 tried to steal it away from him. Mom tried to take one of E4’s meals and E4 grabbed it back. These stealing skills will be crucial to E4’s survival. Ozzie was chased by the horses on one of his two pond visits. Later in the day Mom perched above the nest as E4 chattered away to her. E4 began “wingersizing” and seemed to be trying to reach the branch with Mom. E4 is gaining new heights and may soon be perching on the upper branches.

Summary by dadsjazz

Ozzie departs the nest tree. (Dee Kelly)
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Harriet watches E4 catching air. (video/urdognu)
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E4’s beautiful wingspan in the sunset. (dadsjazz)
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Video by Mia

Video by Dee Kelly

Video by wskrsnwings

Video by urdognu

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