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A Day of Activity- Nest Notes, Photos & Video from March 21

E4 was already in action at daylight. Mom and Dad were perched together in the cam 2 tree watching E4 flapping and fly hopping around the nest. Ozzie flew off to the east followed by Harriet. E4 had quite a workout and even landed on the veranda branch. This was the first time E4 landed on the branch and stayed while “wingersizing.” E4 had a good rest in the afternoon from the morning activity.

There were several food deliveries some were unknown and a few were good size fish. Mom and E4 got into another food struggle but this time E4 won, gulping down the prize. The family was together in the evening with Ozzie eating and protecting a large fish he brought in. E4 watched as Harriet skillfully went in to steal the fish away from reluctant Ozzie. E4 chattered away while trying to decide which parent to beg food from. Light rain started at the nest in the evening before sunset. E4 was very active and learned more good survival skills today. 

Summary by dadsjazz

E4 fly hops to the branch. (Dee Kelly)
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E4 finds a new play thing. (Donna McMurrer)
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Family dinner time. (byline)
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Video by Mia

Video by urdognu

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