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Breezy, Easy Sunday Morning- Nest Notes, Photos & Videos for March 23

Ozzie and Harriet were observing E4’s morning wing workout as the day was dawning. Ozzie and Harriet flew off in opposite directions to begin their day. Harriet was spotted perched off in the distance on a high utility pole as she has been many times before. E4 took advantage of the breeze day using the gusts of wind to hover almost up to the attic. The length and height of E4’s hovering is increasing as E4 gains more confidence.

Ozzie arrived on the nest with his prey and E4 was swift to mantle the meal. E4 carried the squirrel across the nest trying to decide where to start the feeding process. After a while Harriet came to the aid of E4 and a tug-o-squirrel began. E4 rested for a while in the afternoon as Mom and Dad stood watch in the nest tree. Ozzie and Harriet departed the area and as the day came to a close, they returned to perch in the Cam 2 tree, the same way they began the day.

Summary by dadsjazz

The Family in the nest tree. (urdognu)
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Tug-O-Squirrel (video/urdognu)
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E4 watching over the pasture. (urdognu)
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Video by Mia

Video by urdognu

Video by Wskrsnwings

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