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Hope, Skip and Maybe a Jump?- Nest Notes, Photos & Videos for March 28

The windy day allowed E4 to gain some of the highest hovering to date. As E4’s wings and confidence grow stronger, hopping to and from the porch while carrying sticks was an easy task today. E4 was seen skipping sideways while hovering above the nest and porch branch. The afternoon was rest time for E4 after all the fly hopping, hovering and playing. Meals were mostly left overs today.

Ozzie and Harriet arrived with more sticks and E4 was helping in the placement. E4 continues to observe and learn. Soon E4 may be soaring with Mom who keeps close and seems to encourage E4 to do more branching. Harriet also played keep away with food while teaching E4 to get more aggressive in stealing. E4 is learning all the necessary behaviors an eaglet will need for the future.

Summary by dadsjazz

E4 carrying a stick around the nest. (urdognu)
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E4 lands on the spike branch. (Donna McMurrer)
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E4 grabs a stick with beak and talon. (from video by urdognu)
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Peggy Main Thank you Vicki, noone saw Oz deliver anything that I’ve seen posted. Appreciate the info
Video by wskrsnwings
Stick Deliveries And A Nestover Take Away

Video by urdognu
Bolder, Braver, Beautiful & Branch That Fledged
Pick Up Stix ~ Short Clip

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