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14 Weeks! – Nest Notes, Photos & Videos for April 2

Ozzie and Harriet were perched together in the cam 2 tree as they are many mornings. E4 was busy showing Mom and Dad his early morning moves. Would today be the day E4 takes flight from the nest? Ozzie and Harriet flew off to begin the day’s work of providing for E4’s needs. Harriet was back soon with a stick for the nest. E4 would have rather had breakfast but found a good place for the stick. Ozzie flew in with a small fish and was met with E4’s energetic mantle. 

The morning breezes helped elevate E4 to another adventure on 2 new upper branches. Fly hopping up to the branches and dropping down to the nest were performed with ease and confidence. Harriet was out of breath when she arrived at the nest with a very large catfish which she shared with E4. Ozzie glided in for a visit but quickly flew off to the pond for a drink and then perched in one of the pond trees. Mom and Dad were off for their afternoon break and E4 was perched on the porch branch cooling off in the warm day. Tomorrow is another day, another adventure.

Summary by dadsjazz

Harriet and Ozzie perched together at sunrise. (Greg Hill)
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E4 reaches a higher branch. (video/wskrsnwings)
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Harriet in flight with a huge catfish. (Carla Sabin)
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Video by wskrsnwings

Video by urdognu

Video by Mia

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