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Rainy Rainy Day- Nest Notes, Photos & Videos for April 8

E4 was getting flight practice in early today before the rain storms came. The shrikes were already up to their bothersome diving at E4. Ozzie and Harriet headed out early on the hunt for the meals of the day. E4 flew to the west pasture and back to the nest pasture trees. E4 returned and spent some time in the nest laying low as the winds picked up. Eventually E4 was off again exploring the favorite trees.

Ozzie brought in a mystery meal. E4 came to the nest and was quick to mantle and claim the food. As Ozzie left Harriet flew in to try to take the food item. E4 was not happy about Mom trying to steal but she did feed and share the meal. E4’s share of the meal went overboard. E4 perched in one of the dead pond trees and Mom and Dad stayed close by in the pasture trees during the rain storm. The rain stopped in the late afternoon and all were drying out from the good dousing.

Summary by dadsjazz

E4 laying low in the nest before the storm. (byeline)
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“Don’t take my food.” (Mia)
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Mom loves to feed E4. (Mia)
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Video by Mia

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