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When the Shrike Strikes- Nest Notes, Photos & Videos for April 10

 It appears the other birds sharing the pasture territory may think E4 is a threat to them and their nests. The Loggerhead Shrikes have their sights set on E4 and continue their barrage. The crows are also relentless in their pursuit of E4 in flight, on the nest and when E4 is perched in snag trees.

E4 took shelter in the pine trees near the church and along the west pasture tree line. Ozzie delivered a fish to the nest followed by Harriet with E4 arriving in full mantle, not allowing either parent to take the fish. This was a good display of the lessons E4 learned in stealing food and keeping it. It was a pleasant sight to see E4 resting in the afternoon in the nest. After more late afternoon flights around the pasture E4 was settled in the nest for a good night’s sleep.

Summary by dadsjazz

Shrike on the nest with E4. (urdognu)
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Shrike a pose. (Donna McMurrer)
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Ozzie delivers a fish to the nest. (Carla Sabin)
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Video by urdognu

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