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Sunset at the Nest- Nest Notes, Photos & Videos for April 21

The cameras have been down for a few days and all wait anxiously for news or sightings of The Eagle Family’s daily happenings. With strength and perseverance life goes on for Ozzie, Harriet and E4 whether the world is watching or not. One local person spotted Harriet on the power pole that is about a half mile from the nest as the Eagle flies. Another visitor to the nest watched Ozzie fly in with a morsel of food in the evening. E4 followed Ozzie to the nest and had an evening snack. Ozzie went to the pond for a drink and then to the Cam 2 tree. 

Harriet arrived back in the pasture going to the pond for her visit. She eventually flew to the church tree. Ozzie flew off to the west pasture and E4 was perched in the cam 2 tree as the sun was setting. All was fine in the pasture today.

Summary by dadsjazz

E4 and Ozzie perched in the cam 2 tree. (dadsjazz)
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Ozzie departs for the pond. (dadsjazz)
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Ozzie at the pond. (dadsjazz)
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