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E4 Follows the Food- Nest Notes, Photos & Videos for April 24

The foggy morning unfolded into a bright and sunny day allowing E4 to practice more flying and soaring skills. E4 seems to be staying close to Ozzie these days. Maybe E4 has figured out the food doesn’t grow at the end of Dad’s talons and that Ozzie is gone most of the time hunting and searching for the day’s meals. Ozzie is preparing E4 for the time when E4 is hunting alone. E4 has followed Ozzie in the journey out of the pasture to his hunting grounds. Mom and Dad have taught E4 well to mantle and steal food and prey. Ozzie drops food in places around the pasture for E4 to find. E4 uses strong talons to carry the food items to tree branches to eat. 

E4 spent the early evening hours in the pond trees, hopping from branch to branch and recovering from a mistep. Harriet was perched off in a shady West pasture tree. E4 flew out to look for Mom and played in the tall pines in the West tree line. As the evening was setting in Harriet returned to the cam 2 tree with E4 tagging along behind, trying to get her attention “squeeing” all the way. E4 returned to the nest looking for leftover morsels of food. Harriet flew to perch in the pond tree and was joined by Ozzie. As the daylight faded, E4 was still perched on the nest tree porch branch.

Summary by dadsjazz

Ozzie in flight with mystery meal. (Tim Young)
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Harriet and E4 join Ozzie on the nest with his delivery. (Dee Kelly)
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E4 tumbles from and tree limb but recovers nicely. (video/wskrsnwings)
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Video by wskrsnwings

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