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E4 Defends the Nest- Nest Notes for May 5

E4 is becoming more and more skillful and courageous as the daily adventures continue. E4 flew out to meet Ozzie returning from the river with his catch of the day. Ozzie dropped a fish by the bank of the pond as E4 chased behind him. E4 cautiously at on the ground. Ozzie brought in another fish to the nest and Harriet and E4 raced in to meet him. E4 warded off Mom and Dad to claim the meal. Ozzie and Harriet observed from the branch above as E4 ate the fish and vocalized their approval for E4’s lessons well learned.

E4 was soaring with a juvenile eagle above the nest territory when another food delivery came. E4 dove in to defended the nest and the food from the hungry juvenile who tried to steal the fish from E4. Harriet joined in the chase to fend off the juvenile eagle, but E4 had it under control. Ozzie and Harriet’s encouragement and teaching of E4 are becoming evident as E4 uses the skills to perfection in the journey to becoming a magnificent Eagle.

Summary by dadsjazz

E4 warns Ozzie and Harriet from the food, they voice their approval. (Donna McMurrer)
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E4 Defends the nest and the food from a juvenile eagle. (Donna McMurrer)
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Mom and E4 fly off together, (Donna McMurrer)
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Video by wskrsnwings 

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