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Welcome the Return of Harriet and Ozzie- Nest Notes for Oct. 17, 2014

October 1 marked the official start of Bald Eagle nesting season. Southwest Florida’s favorite Eagle pair Harriet and Ozzie made a strong appearance for the followers of the cameras and the local people who visit the nest. This is the third year of live camera action which is capturing the nest building, courting and bonding rituals of Harriet and Ozzie. 

Harriet was reported to have stayed close by the nest area most of the summer keeping watch over her valuable nest. Ozzie was seen from time to time at the nest but he may have gone off on his own summer vacation.

Excitement is building as the Loving Couple prepares for the next generation of their offspring. Harriet and Ozzie can be seen most mornings at dawn greeting each other and surveying the nest. They begin the work for the day bringing in sticks and at times large branches, adding and rebuilding the nest they have occupied for several years. They are in the process of bringing soft material for the center which will eventually hold their precious eggs. Their courting and amorous moments are strengthening their bond to each other. Ozzie has begun bringing fish offerings to Harriet. Harriet has brought an occasional morsel for Ozzie too. They usually return to the nest area as the day ends . They will be spending more time close to the nest as time for egg laying nears. Their devotion and bond is very apparent as they work together as a team to further the survival of their species.

A new addition was the installation of two Bald Eagle statues at the main gate of the Pritchett’s property where the nest is located. This is a grand sight marking the entrance to the home of beloved Harriet and Ozzie. 

Summary by dadsjazz

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Harriet and Ozzie in the early morning checking out the nest. (urdognu)

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The Loving Couple (urdognu)

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A Grand Entrance to Harriet and Ozzie’s home.(Donna McMurrer)

Video by Urdognu

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

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