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Building the Bond & a Nest: Weekly Nest Update: October 21-25

Ozzie and Harriet have been working hard over the last weeks in their preparations leading into the time for egg laying. Ozzie has been diligent in his search for just the right sticks and nest material. He and Harriet have had a few squabbles over the proper arrangement of the deliveries. Ozzie is perfecting the nest bowl with his sit and shimmy move.

Juvenile and sub adult eagles have been sighted in the area this week. Harriet and Ozzie spent a few days on alert and close to the nest tree, protecting their valuable asset. They do not tolerate intruders to their area when nesting season begins. One report was that Ozzie may have snatched a fish from a juvenile eagle, a good meal for Harriet and a better lesson for the juvenile eagle.

As the time for laying eggs nears, more and more time is spent in the nest area. Harriet and Ozzie continue their bonding rituals. Harriet has been observed snuggling up to her Ozzie. Harriet has been spending some afternoons perched in the nest tree awaiting her Ozzie’s return with a tasty fish and at times flying out to meet him voicing her excitement on the return flight to the nest. Ozzie is a great provider to his Harriet and their bond is stronger than ever. Anticipation is building for Harriet and Ozzie and all who love and observe them.

Summary by dadsjazz

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Ozziet to the nest with his find. (Donna McMurrer)

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Harriet and Ozzie on alert. (Urdognu)

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Ozzie delivers Harriet’s meal. (Urdognu)

Video by Urdognu

Ground video by wskrsnwings

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