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Deliveries & More: Weekly Nest Update (Oct. 25- Nov 1)

Harriet and Ozzie’s busy week was filled with many deliveries including branches for strengthening the rails and grasses and moss for softness in nest bowl. Most of the material was brought by Ozzie but Harriet also added a few sticks and two pine cones of her own. There have been many moments of nest building that included some serious “discussions” between the love birds. Mostly the building is done by Ozzie but Harriet likes to add her touches. There have also been tender moments of bonding. At special times Harriet approaches Ozzie with her love tap. She places a wing over his shoulder and taps him with her foot. Time is nearing for the arrival of eggs. 

Ozzie has faithfully delivered Harriet’s meals to the nest almost daily. Harriet successfully hunted a few squirrels getting her own meals. Both have spent time at the pond and in their favorite perch trees in the pastures. After one of Harriet’s bath times her brood patch was visible in a photo, another development that may indicate egg time is getting closer. 

Harriet and Ozzie appear to be healthy and strong and their commitment to each other is evident. Their behaviors help to ensure the survival of their soon to be off spring, the most precious deliveries of all.

Summary by dadsjazz

Harriet moves a large branch. (Urdognu)
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Harriet delivers pine cones to the nest. (Urdognu)
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Harriet’s brood patch. (Donna McMurrer)
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Video by Urdognu

Ground Video by Wskrsnwings

Ground Video by Gail Campbell

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