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Majestic Harriet and Ozzie- Nest Notes for Nov 1-8

The week was filled with amazing feats and observations of our favorite eagle pair Harriet and Ozzie. They greet each other in the nest before dawn and plan the day’s “nestoration” projects. Ozzie tests out the nest bowl with the “sit and shimmy”. Ozzie performs his duties well as he continues to add branches and grasses to the nest to provide a safe and soft environment for Harriet and their soon to be offspring. A few such branches were so big it was interesting and comical to watch him maneuver them into the exact place around the nest. Ozzie was very surprised when one of the large banches ended up overboard. Harriet wouldn’t be Harriet if she didn’t at least add a few of her own touches by bringing in the pine boughs. Harriet tried to help Ozzie with branch arranging which is always good for a few rounds of beak “sparring” between them. At times it is as though Harriet asserts dominance over Ozzie to ensure his loyal to her as they prepare for their precious family.

Harriet has been pampered by her mate, Ozzie who has been providing her at least one meal daily. Nice big fish and other food items were appreciated and devoured by Harriet. Ozzie took immediate action to protect and defend his beloved mate and their nest when a sub adult almost landed in the nest to grab the fish Ozzie delivered for Harriet. Ozzie flew at the intruder driving it away from their nest and territory. 

The nest is shaping up nicely and the love birds have been seen in the area more frequently. Harriet and Ozzie look to be in amazing shape this season. A comment that “Ozzie looked like he had been working out in the off season” shows his strength and stamina. Harriet glowed beautifully and Ozzie looked handsome as they perched watching the sunset in the old cam 2 tree where they can be seen most evenings. Their bonding and intimate times seem more frequent. All this is building up to the excitement of coming eggs and eaglets.

Ozzie and Harriet are truly a magnificent pair devoted to each other and their future offspring.

Summary by dadsjazz

Majestic Harriet ad Ozzie. (Wskrsnwings)
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Intruder in for the steal. (Urdognu)
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Love Birds in the sunset glow. (Urdognu)
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Video by Urdognu

Ground Video by Wskrsnwings

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