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Preparation and Anticipation: Nest Notes for the Week of Nov. 8-15

Harriet and Ozzie’s work is never done as they prepare for their offspring. There is still much to do before the eggs are laid. Ozzie’s focus has been constant and tireless perfecting the home for his family. His excellent skills have produced a safe and soft place for Harriet as the time approaches for her to lay eggs. It seems that there are never enough sticks for the outer rails of the nest and Ozzie continues to build, build, and build. The “strep up” branch is almost covered by all the construction as the nest rails are several inches higher this year. As the week progressed Ozzie shifted his attention to the inner nest bowl with addition of more grasses and soft Spanish moss. He has hollowed out the center for the “nest cup” which will hold their precious eggs. 

Lovely “Mom in waiting” Harriet stayed closer to the nest especially toward the end of the week. She watched over her nest, and sent out the warning call to any intruders. There were several fly-over’s by some curious juvenile and sub adult Eagles, hawks and other birds. Are they ready to welcome the next generation of Eagles? Many of Harriet’s behaviors may be an indication that eggs are soon to arrive. She too was in the nest aerating and moving the fluff around. She was down in the nest bowl trying out the fit for the first time. At one point it look as if she was ready to lay the first egg as she spent close to an hour standing and laying in the nest, more preparations.

Ozzie was consistent in his duties delivering meals to Harriet. On one good hunting and fishing day Ozzie brought 3 meals to the nest. Their courtship continued as Harriet was observed being more dominating which could be her way of ensuring Ozzie’s loyalty to her. Their bonding and mating took place in the nest and also by the bank of “their pond” which is a rare sight.

Harriet and Ozzie’s bond and devotion are evident as the critical time nears. Anticipation builds as all wait to see the results of their dedication.

Summary by dadsjazz

A rare sight of mating in the nest. (Urdognu)
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Harriet tries out the nest bowl. (Urdognu)
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Harriet and the moon. (Wskrsnwings)
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Video by Urgdognu

Ground Video by Wskrsnwings

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