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A Good Day for Egg Laying: Nest Notes for Nov. 19!

Harriet and Ozzie have proven time and time again their strong bond and devotion to each other and the next generation of Eagles. Ozzie began early mornings out on the hunt for Harriet’s meals. They are finely tuned into each other’s needs. Harriet vocalized her approval to Ozzie as he fed her well and readied the nest for coming eggs. The latest activities indicated the time was nearing for the big event.

“Egg-citement” was building all weekend long watching Harriet spending more and more time in the nest. Several times Harriet was in the in the nest bowl looking to be ready to lay her egg. The cooler, rainy and windy weather arriving in the area may have seemed to delay any thoughts of egg laying. Ozzie continued to deliver large fish to Harriet and large branches and moss to the nest. Everything was in place and ready for the grand moment. Late nights went on and on with Harriet in the nest appearing to be in labor. All were mesmerized by her strength and beauty.

As Harriet would have it and as it has been said, “It’s all on Eagle Time”, we soon realized that she was in full control. Harriet devoured an opossum Ozzie bought her in the afternoon. As Ozzie perched in the nest tree watching over his courageous mate, she presented their precious egg at 2:07PM November 19, 2014. Ozzie appeared very pleased at the sight of the beautiful egg and he vocalized his excitement to the world. Harriet and Ozzie’s newest journey has begun and all are grateful to be able to follow.

Summary by dadsjazz

Angelic Harriet’s halo. (SWFEC screen capture by dadsjazz)
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First glimpse of the precious egg. (Urdognu)
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Ozzie gets one on one time with his baby egg. (Urdognu)
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Video by Urdognu

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