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A Family of Four: Nest Notes for Nov. 23

Harriet and Ozzie are a very experienced Eagle pair. They have each taken brooding duties for their first egg, gently rolling and placing it in just the right position. Each aerates the egg cup to make sure the area around the egg is soft and warm. Harriet usually spends the night hours in the nest tending to their precious egg. She sleeps but is ever aware at all times. Ozzie is always within a very short distance keeping the guard of Harriet and Egg number 1.

Ozzie relieved Harriet often and took his incubating duties very seriously. He seemed to be very content keeping the egg safe and warm. Ozzie was seen performing more of his duties by removing left over opossum and fish from the nest to keep it clean and to deter intruders and insects. He continued to arrive with a few large awkward branches and more fluff material. Harriet had time to stretch her wings and soar while Ozzie was on egg duty. They are a very efficient team.

Harriet and Ozzie became the proud Eagle pair of two beautiful eggs when Harriet laid Egg number 2 on Saturday, November 22, 2014 at 4:16 pm. It is amazing to see these two strong, fierce raptors as they tenderly and gently care for their fragile eggs. Now the process of incubating will be nonstop as they prepare for the hatching of their soon to be eaglets.

Summary by dadsjazz

Ozzie looking content while brooding Egg #1
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Large awkward branch brought by Ozzie.
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Harriet, Ozzie and Eggs 1 and 2
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Video by Urdognu

Ground video by wskrsnwings

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